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Our RIBA-USA Chapters

New York

Having the largest concentration of RIBA members in the United States, the NY Chapter holds an important position in the overall organization of RIBA USA. As a common first port of call for British educated architects we are aiming to increase the level of support that we give to both existing and new members. New York is a busy and important hub in the architecture, design and art worlds; and we plan to link into as many allied institutions and events that may be of interest to members.

One initiative is the new Calendar page of the redesigned RIBA USA website which you are currently viewing. As the opening page, we want the Calendar to become one of the first places to check for upcoming events in architecture and art around the city that we think are relevant to our professional members. The Chapter is in the process of strengthen ties with the (newly renamed) UK Department of Trade through direct outreach to UK companies in the construction industry looking to gain access to the large US market. Many of these UK companies have already identified RIBA members as key conduits into getting their products specified and introduced to the market. Thus direct sponsorship of events, lectures and just simple get-togethers to share war stories is a very real opportunity that we are working on exploiting.  Increasing our level of involvement with Design Junction at this year's ICFF was the first of our steps in this direction.

Lastly, education and continued education remain key focus points for the Chapter as well as for RIBA USA as a whole. We are aware that a significant number of RIBA Part 2 qualified architects come to work in NY to take advantage of a buoyant and keen market for the unique skills that a British educated architect can bring to a US firm looking for international work or just a generally well rounded professional. However many such architects in the early years of their careers are concerned about not having the opportunity to take an RIBA Part 3 course while here in the US. The course is currently available both in Dubai and in Hong Kong. The RIBA is intending to make the one year Part 3 course available in NY starting in the Spring of 2017. To help promote this exciting opportunity, Alison Mackinder, Director of the UK and International  RIBA Part 3 courses will be in NY on Agust 3rd and 4th 2016 for a question and answer session for potential candidates. The RIBA is also in the process of approving an MEAP course and workshop which would be open to non RIBA validated qualifications equivalent to Part 1 and Part 2. This has a lot of potential in the US for non British architecture school educated architects. The Chapter plans to run a series of social events in support of the lecture weekends of the RIBA part 3 course which would allow Part 3 candidates to interact with other practitioners with various levels of experience.

Dominic Kozerski  RIBA

NY Chapter Chair RIBA-USA

Catherine Clark  RIBA

NY Chapter Secretary RIBA-USA

New England

There are just over 50 RIBA-USA members in the New England Chapter.

The metro area of Boston is full of architectural activities, events, and we have world class buildings to visit in all five states.

The chapter works with the AIA Boston Society of Architects, including the Global Architects Committee to discuss the issues that architects in international practice.

New England is full of world class universities including the GSD at Harvard, MIT in Cambridge, and Yale in New Haven as well as numerous other schools of architecture. This allows us to take full advantage of the international speakers and events that they organize.

Check out the calendar for our next event.

Debbie Bentley RIBA

RIBA-USA Board Member

Catherine Davies RIBA

RIBA-USA New England Chair and RIBA-USA Board Member




The Chicago/ Mid-West Chapter of the RIBA USA is an award-winning component comprised of RIBA members living in the Midwest Region of the USA. Its programs and events that "celebrate our differences and ongoing commitment to inclusive practices" earned the Diversity Academy Award for the RIBA USA.

It represents RIBA members specifically living and/or practicing in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.


Board of Directors:


Chicago/Mid-West Chapter Chair



Joseph Burns, RIBA, FAIA, PE, SE, CEng, LEED AP

Immediate Past Chicago/Mid-West Chapter Chair


San Francisco

Los Angeles

The RIBA-USA is a 501 c3 Nonprofit entity, serving the Royal Institute of British Architects as the US Region of this pre-eminent architectural institution. Its charitable mission:

RIBA-USA represents the professional, educational and regional interests of the RIBA-USA Chapters and members of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) resident in the United States of America.

To represent architecture as a profession, working with the American Institute of Architects and other Professional Organizations to educate the public about the impact and relevance of the work of RIBA-USA members, the field of architecture and good design, serving society's needs for resilient and sustainable environments which help to improve the quality of life

To promote professional excellence, a diverse membership, a belief in continuing education and the maintenance of professional standards, programs, conferences and competitions

To encourage and support all students seeking to enter the profession

RIBA-USA Memorandum

As the US Region of the Royal Institute of British Architects, it is incumbent upon the RIBA-USA to work in the best interests of the RIBA in the United States and elsewhere. To that end, the RIBA-USA operates under a memorandum of understanding which govern in good spirit both the RIBA and the RIBA-USA in operations.

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